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Automatically, and with a simple drag-and-drop, create new blocks and insert them in a drawing.Create new blocks that are automatically named and colored based on available, common naming conventions.Import and use feedback from paper based or online scans to check accuracy, insert changes, and review.Now view and work with multiple linked drawings within a single “study.” You can open multiple drawings from multiple locations (the command line, email, or network, even from shared links), and then work simultaneously with multiple drawings.New Blocks:The new block feature, found in the Customize dialog box, makes it easy to create custom blocks without requiring any tools. This feature can be especially valuable in the 21st century.Drawing View:The drawing view has been enhanced with the new Table of Contents, which lets you see a list of the drawings in the current drawing. You can select a drawing, and view, edit and print a table of contents to go with it.Drawing Object Handles:In certain commands, objects are added to the drawing. You can select, highlight, move and zoom. Object handles can now appear in every drawing view.Geometry Shapes:It’s now easier to create customized shapes. You can select parts of a shape to add text or annotations.Polaris feature:The new command, Polaris, provides a “virtual camera” view of a three-dimensional (3D) model. Polaris “looks” into the model from a particular point and shows a 3D model of the model’s surface. This may be helpful when you need to display a large number of surface objects on paper.Subscribers can now receive new web service documentation in the AutoCAD Help files as a weekly update, as well as the magazine. To be notified of the new content, register for AutoCAD user manuals.Surface area:Use the new Surface area feature to quickly find the surface area of polylines, arc curves, or polygons.Open Walls:Use Open Walls to easily create surface models from multiple walls in a three-dimensional (3D) model. When you open walls, they are automatically connected and part of a new set of walls, walls that can be 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Updated]

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