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The PadTab Tablet Mounting System™ was designed and created early 2010 in Columbus, Ohio by a few gadget lovers and entrepreneurs. They immediately saw the need for a simple, elegant mounting system for the iPad and other tablet computing devices. They had this vision even before the iPad was released. Needless to say they went to work. They challenged themselves to create a mounting system that was universal, easy on, easy off, extremely discrete when not being used, and simple to install. 

The result was the PadTab, a mounting system that is thin and transparent on the device. The small TabClip mount can be applied to walls, cabinets, doors, refrigerators and other surfaces without the need to drill, and can be painted to color-match the wall surface. The PadTab can be installed on your device without any tools – it’s so easy, we asked one of the founder’s seven-year-old son to install a TabClip in his room and a PadTab on the iPad, and he did so without a hitch! 

The iPad and coming wave of tablet computers represent a major new advance in home computing technologies – thin, lightweight client devices that can wirelessly receive digital entertainment and interact with your most important applications. But to truly tailor the experience in your home, you need an easy way to put your device at your eye-level or within your fingertip reach and take it on and off when you please. Whether it’s on the fridge door or in the master bath, the PadTab Tablet Mounting System makes sure you always have hands-free, fingertip access to your digital world, wherever you need it to be. You can rest assured the PadTab Tablet Mounting System is the original universal wall mount for tablet devices.

"We are proud and humbled to offer this product to you, and are confident you will find the PadTab 2 as easy to install and as useful as we have in our own homes."


With warm regards, 

The PadTab Team

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