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Hang your iPad or Tablet PC to any wall, cabinet, door, refrigerator, or clean flat surface easily with no tools in under 5 minutes.


Easy on, easy off design to quickly place or remove your iPad or Tablet device as you come and go.


Includes leading brand industrial strength "Peel and Stick" adhesive which means no nails, screws, or complex instructions.


All tabs are easily removable without damage and no residue left behind.


Low-profile PadTab means your iPad fits easily into most carrying cases and lays flat on a table top.


TabClips are small, clear, inconspicuous and even paintable to match your decor of your home or office.


Extra TabClips are available for the Kitchen, Foyer, Bathroom, Garage or Basement. Mounting locations are virtually endless.


The PadTab Original Mounting Kit ships with 2-TabClips for mounting in TWO seperate locations.

Latest News

iPad Air 2, Mini 3

The new iPad Air 2 is already compatible with the Original PadTab! The new iPad Mini 3 is compatible with both the Original PadTab and PadTab Mobile!

iPhone 6

The PadTab Mobile is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Get yours today!

Amazon UK - Now In Stock

We are back in stock at Amazon UK!


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