PadTab 2 Universal iPad Tablet Wall Mount






 No Tools


Don't like the idea of drilling into walls? Are you renting? No problem. Simply use the pre-attached industrial grade stick-on 3M adhesive included with your PadTab & TabClips. Long lasting adhesion and removes cleanly. 


Adhesive Installation


Install in just three easy steps.

  1. Peel the red backer off.

2. Align on surface.         

3. Stick on surface.         


PadTab 2 Universal iPad Tablet Wall Mount Unbox

PadTab 2 Kitchen Cabinet iPad Tablet Mount

Place & Slide


A simple no-tools, cost effective solution. Simply align the tablet with attached PadTab over the TabClip and slide down. Simple, hassle free installation without any screws. The stick-on adhesive means you are up and running in minutes.



Thin & Inconspicuous


We designed the PadTab 2 & TabClip mounts to be 40% thinner than the first generation. They are transparent, inconspicuous and able to fit into any environment without interrupting the area around it. 



PadTab 2 iPad Tablet Wall Mount is as thin as a Dime!


Portrait or Landscape


PadTabs sleek design gives you the ability to change the orientation of your iPad or tablet very easily from portrait to landscape and back.




The PadTab ecosystem is universal and works with almost any smooth back tablet, smartphone, eReader or other device. All accessories are interchangeable so you can expand as needed.

 PadTab 2 Universal Tablet iPad Wall Mount Galaxy Tab

 PadTab 2 iPad Tablet iPad Wall Mount Still Fits in Soft Case


Low Profile


The PadTab 2 has an extremely low profile thickness of less than 1.3mm. The TabClip also has an extremely low profile thickness of less than 1.8mm. 

The PadTab at 1.3mm is thin enough to fit into your favorite soft carrying case while still attached to your tablet.


Hard Case


Don't like the idea of attaching a PadTab directly onto your tablet? No problem. You can simply attach the PadTab to your favorite smooth surface hard plastic shell case*.

 PadTab 2 Universal iPad Tablet Wall Mount on Hard Case

 PadTab 2 iPad Tablet Wall Mount Accessories


Multiple Accessories


Purchase additional PadTab accessories such as Tri-Mounts, PadTab Mini Mounts, TabClips, Vent Mounts or Headrest Mounts to expand your mounting possibilities.

The PadTab 2 tablet wall mounting system is cost effective and perfect for homes or offices with multiple devices.

 Many reasons to use PadTab

Use your favorite recipe apps at eye level while cooking in the kitchen.

Use while working out in your home gym.

Use in the garage over the workbench.

Use by the bathroom sink while getting ready.

Use in the car with your favorite GPS app.

Kids can use it to watch movies while in the backseat.

Use on the fridge while making your grocery list.

Use for video chatting or hands-free phone.

Use in the bedroom to watch movies and TV shows.

Use at the office for a 2nd or 3rd work display.

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 *Mounting FAQs*



Q: What are the dimensions?

A: The PadTab is 3.38" x 3.38" x 0.05" and the TabClip is 1.26" x 1.00" x 0.07".


Q: Is the adhesive removable?

A: Yes, the TabClip and PadTab can be removed with a hair dryer. Heat on high for 30 seconds and then twist slowly. Do not pull straight off or you could rip the paint. 

Q: How strong is the adhesive?

A: The PadTab uses a special pressure sensitive acrylic bonding tape used for applications such as replacing rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners. The adhesive is strong enough to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications that are industrial in nature and still is removable.


Q: How much weight can the TabClip hold?

A: We have tested with 5 lbs as an extreme case. The average supported weight is 2 lbs indoors under normal room temperature on a clean, flat, dry and oil-free smooth surface. Todays tablet devices should be under 2 lbs.

(The iPad weighs 1.6 lbs)

Q: Can you apply to other surfaces?

A: Yes, as long as the surface is clean, flat, dry, oil-free, smooth and not heavily textured. You can apply to glass, metal, refrigerators (even stainless steel), or kitchen cabinets (as long as they are sealed with acrylic, polycrylic or polyurethane and not raw wood (with oil stain etc...) for example. The smoother the surface the better for maximum adhesion contact.

More FAQs...

Q: How do I know the Tabs are adhered correctly?
A: The goal is to not trap air in between the surface and the adhesive during installation. To do this, attach the bottom edge of the TabClip/PadTab first then start with one side by pressing the tab firmly using a rolling motion to "squeeze" out the air bubbles as you press. This will gain you maximum adhesion to the surface. Trapped air can result in failure to properly adhere the TabClip/PadTab to the surface and ultimately lead to product failure.

Q: Is my device permanently mounted to the surface?
A: No, you can remove your device at any time by simply lifting upward on your device. When you're ready to re-mount, you can easily engage the PadTab to the TabClip by placing the PadTabbed device portrait or landscape position into the TabClip's "U" Channel then let gravity slowly engage the two.

Q: What is the difference between a TabClip and a WallTab?
A: None. They are the same part. We recently changed the name from WallTab to TabClip for our new products.

Q: How do you apply the TabClip to the wall or surface?
A: Clean the surface, make sure it's free from oil, dirt etc, use a standard small bubble level (or Free Leveling App) and place at desired position.

Q: Does the TabClip have to be mounted vertically?
A: Yes, for proper weight distribution of the adhesive, please mount to a vertical surface which is perpendicular to the floor (90 Degrees).

Q: Can you paint the TabClip?
A: Yes, matte spray paint is recommended for best results.

Q: Can I buy extra TabClips?
A: Yes, see our current pricing in the e-store.

Q: Where is PadTab Available?
A: Online only at this time but we are currently working to get the PadTab to a retailer near you.

Q: Is the PadTab available for distribution or resellers?
A: Yes, if you are interested in reselling PadTab please contact us.

Q: Is the adhesive reusable?
A: No, you will need new adhesive to re-mount.

Q: Will the TabClips stick to cheap chalky wall paint?
A: No, normal latex wall paint works fine.

Q: Does the adhesive leave a residue behind if removed?
A: No, all you need to do is roll it with your thumb and it comes off easily.

Q: Where can I mount the TabClips?
A: TabClips are meant to be mounted indoors/in-vehicle on a clean, flat, dry surface and used in a normal room temperature environment.

Q: Can you apply it to wall paper?
A: Yes, as long as it is not heavily textured and extra care is taken for removal.

Q: What if I want to screw the TabClip into a surface?
A: It is possible to optionally drill a countersink hole in the TabClip using a drill, a #4 countersink bit and use a #4-1.25" long countersink wood screw.

Q: Will PadTab work with other Tablet devices besides iPad?
A: Yes, we hope to test new devices as they are available. PadTab is universal and is designed to work with other devices than iPad.

Q: Will PadTab work with a tablet that has a case on it?
A: Yes, We have tested various cases. Our PadTab mount is as thin as a nickel. You can easily slide your iPad into the Apple branded iPad soft case with no resistance for easy portability when you're not using the PadTab.

Q: Will PadTab work attached to a hard case instead of directly on the tablet?
A: Yes, We have tested various hard smooth plastic cases. The PadTab will only work with hard smooth cases made of polycarbonate material like ours.

Q: What is the shelf life of the adhesive?
A: The adhesive has an unused shelf life of 24 months. We recommend attaching and using before this period.

Q: Is PadTab Patented?
A: Yes. We are the original universal adhesive based iPad and tablet wall mount solution with 3 approved patents from 2010 plus additional patents pending.

Q: What is the difference between the first generation Original PadTab and PadTab 2?
A: PadTab 2 is the second generation PadTab and is over 40% thinner to provide an even lower profile.

Q: Is the first generation PadTab and TabClips compatible with the new second generation PadTab 2?
A: No.