Vent Mount for Mobile Kit
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VentMount from PadTab puts your device in just

the right spot

Easy access to information, communications and entertainment

PadTab’s new VentMount uses a unique clip system that lets you place a PadTab mount right where it’s needed in your vehicle!

Use it with your smart phone, GPS, entertainment device or any other small gear you’ve outfitted with a PadTab for fingertip access from the driver’s seat.



  • Hands-free. fingertip access to your gear in the car, boat or other tricky locations
  • One mount: Many devices - our mounts accept a device that sports a PadTab - making them more versatile and affordable than any other mounting solution on the market
  • Combine with PadTab Mobile for all of your small tech gear
  • iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, and other smart phones, GPS and other small devices
  • Each mount comes with one of our patent pending TabClips
  • Requires a PadTab Mobile Mount









•  Prior to installing the TabClip to your VentMount, you should hang the VentMount on the vent you want to use to make sure you have proper clearance. You can hold your device up to the VentMount to get an idea where you should attach the TabClip to the VentMount to make sure your device isn’t restricted by any console obstacles such as knobs. Test in both portrait and landscape

•  Insert the Mounting Clips through the holes on the corners of the VentMount

•  Attach the TabClip once you’ve determined the best location (Refer to bullet 1) 

•  Slide the clips onto one of the vent blades on your vent



1. Use a hair dryer set to warm or hot and blow hot air on the component for 30-60 seconds.

2. Immediately twist the components before gently pulling off the surface. 

3. Carefully roll with fingers the remaining adhesive off the surface.


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IN STOCK $9.99

Includes 1 Clear Vent Mount, 1 Clear TabClip, 2 vent clips and adhesive

Requies PadTab Mobile Mounting Kit

*Note: Not recommended for large tablets 


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