HeadRest Mount for PadTab Kit
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PadTab’s HeadRest

Mount Makes Peace

in the Back Seat

Versatile headrest mount thats easy to swap between vehicles

PadTab’s new HeadRest mount lets you drive in peace. This mount fits most vehicle headrests, and can be easily swapped between vehicles, keeping your back seat passengers entertained. This VESA-complaint mount is also popular for exercise equipment and other difficult locations.

The PadTab together with HeadRest means true value for your dollar. Our mounts can be used with any PadTabbed device—from an iPad or tablet PC to an iPhone, iPod or other mobile device. If it’s got a PadTab, it’s going to fit. What’s more, our easy on, easy off swappability means you can easily move your HeadRest mount between vehicles.


  • Achieve true peace in the back seat; keep your back seat passengers entertained with a world of entertainment, right where they need it
  • One mount: Many devices - our mounts accept a device that sports a PadTab - making them more versatile and affordable than any other mounting solution on the market
  • Combine with the original PadTab and new PadTab Mobile for all of your tech gear
  • iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, tablet PCs, iPhones and other smart phones, GPS and other devices
  • Each mount comes with one of our patent pending TabClips
  • Requires a PadTab Original or a PadTab Mobile Mount







•  Lift your headrest up exposing the metal bars. Wrap strap around and secure

•  Hang the headrest mount first before installing the TabClip so you can see the best location to adhere. Viewing angles differ from vehicle to vehicle


Installing TabClip to the HeadRest mount:

•  Make sure the HeadRest mount surface is clean  

•  Carefully peel off the red paper backing from the TabClip without touching the adhesive

•  Attach the TabClip to the HeadRest mount in the best location—based on the style of your head rest. In most cases centering the TabClip with the HeadRest mount will work



1. Use a hair dryer set to warm or hot and blow hot air on the component for 30-60 seconds.

2. Immediately twist the components before gently pulling off the surface. 

3. Carefully roll with fingers the remaining adhesive off the surface.


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IN STOCK $9.99

Includes 1 Clear HeadRest Mount,

1 Clear TabClip, 1 hook/loop strap and adhesive


Requires PadTab Original Mounting Kit

or PadTab Mobile Mounting Kit
Note: Does not include VESA screws


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